Our library building is failing … and now it’s urgent.

There are constant failures — big and small — in critical library building systems (vintage 1965).  These failures have already led to multiple library closures and could have disastrous consequences for the resources inside. The problems with the building cannot wait any longer.

At a cost of tens of millions, repairing the old building is not a responsible option.

If we want to keep a Library in Belmont, we need to replace the building.

Scroll down to learn more about the Schematic Design of the new library building, watch a video from Town and Library leadership explaining why the building needs to be replaced, read articles, and more.

Preview the New Library

Schematic Design of the New Library

Our Library is an essential part of our community.  See the new building design that creates a dynamic community space that matches the energy of the activities inside.

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Belmont Citizen Herald 9/23/21

Find out more about the infrastructure failures and why the building needs to be replaced

“What do floods, scorching heat, and power failures have in common?

These emergencies (and more) have all happened in the Belmont Public Library in the last nine months.  Every month or two, the Library Trustees get a call.  Something else has broken…”

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See the Video about Why the Building Needs to be Replaced

The Building is Failing ... it's Urgent

The seven minute video gives an overview of the multiple ways the current building is failing. Hear from Town and Library leaders why the building urgently needs to be replaced.  Click the link below to watch the video on the Belmont Public Media website.

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Belmont Citizen Herald 10/5/21

Descriptions of the Building's Multiple System Failures

Our library building is failing.

One might ask: “But it looks fine. Can’t it just be fixed?”

That’s the right question. Unfortunately, the answer is “no,” but don’t take my word for it. Let’s take a journey to “experience” the building failures for ourselves.

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The Building is Failing

What's wrong with the library building?

Failures in the building systems (electrical, HVAC, and plumbing for example) have already led to multiple library closures.  At a cost of tens of millions, repairing the old building is not a responsible option.

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Belmont Citizen Herald 11/07/21

Understanding the Costs of Addressing the Building Problems

It is often asked: Why can’t we fix the old library building? Why build a new one? 

The answer is money. 

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