Our Library Building is Failing

Our library activities are thriving, but our library building is failing.  We have been planning for a new building since 2003.  Now it’s urgent, and it cannot wait any longer.

There are constant failures – big and small – in critical library building systems (vintage 1965).

  • Electrical is overloaded and shorts out.
  • The roof develops 8-10 significant leaks per year.
  • The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning fail repeatedly, making the building uninhabitable.
  • Fire alarms are at the end of their life and require replacement.
  • Brittle pipes crack and gush water.
  • Rain pours through the foundation, causing major floods.
  • People get trapped in the elevator, and wheelchairs cannot access the main floors in the undersized elevator.

These failures have already led to multiple library closures and could have disastrous consequences for the resources inside.

At a cost of tens of millions, repairing the old building is not a responsible option.

If we want to keep a library in Belmont, we need to replace the building.

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