Larry Link

Larry joined the Foundation following publication and discussion of the Library Trustee Feasibility Report for a new building. He and his family have been avid and high-usage members in each of their library communities. Those positive experiences range from literal resources to active participation in numerous and varied community-wide programs and activities those libraries created or hosted. Working professionally with boards and non-profits, Larry understands the importance of mission-centric strategy and long-term planning. Strong engagement and support of the diverse user groups ensures informed thinking about that mission, balanced by realistic financial assessment. For most libraries today, robust private support is a critical partner to determining fundable priorities.
Outside of his professional work, Larry has always been active as a volunteer with community and non-profit organizations. He currently serves on Belmont’s Town Meeting and Transportation Advisory and Comprehensive Capital Budget committees. He and his wife also maintain a strong interest in the Town’s housing, schools and our senior residents.