Larry Link

Larry became involved with the Foundation after reading last spring’s Library Trustee Feasibility Report. He and his family have been avid and high-usage members in each of their previous library communities, and now Belmont. Those positive experiences range from literal resources to active participation in community-wide programs and activities those libraries created or hosted. Working professionally with boards and non-profits, Larry understands the importance of mission-centric strategy and long-term planning. Strong engagement of diverse user groups ensures informed thinking about that mission, balanced by realistic financial assessment. For most libraries today, robust private support is a critical partner to determining fundable priorities.

Friends with many Town residents over the years, Larry and his wife, Cindy Albert Link, finally moved to Belmont a few years ago. They have always been active, particular with community organizations (transportation, housing, schools and town events) wherever they lived. They are enjoying the chance to dig deeper in Belmont and gaining perspective on the many topical issues and challenges facing the Town. In his spare time, Larry is an avid tennis player, novice gardener, and so-so stock picker.