Dear Library Supporters,

We at the Belmont Library Foundation congratulate you for your foresight, compassion, generosity and efforts on behalf of our fundraising campaign for a new Belmont library building. Because of your support, our 20+ year pursuit of a new facility was capped this week by receiving a successful YES vote on question 5.

We are so proud to live in a town where close to 1000 individuals, as well as local institutions and businesses, participated in the fundraising for this community resource. These contributions, over $5.4 million dollars raised, are dedicated to lessening the tax burden on our residents. Without a doubt, voters took note of both the need AND the community support for a new facility, and their ballots made this project a reality. Your contribution was critical and we firmly believe that this would not have happened without you.

As a result, Belmont will have a safe, accessible-to-all, well-equipped town library where residents of all ages can gather, read, study, work, access resources, browse, converse with neighbors, get instruction, and attend lectures, movies, cultural and special events. What a gift to Belmont citizens now, and for future generations.

Great work, Belmont community! Thank you, thank you!!

P.S. We’ll be reaching out soon to all donors to find out if and how you’d like your name displayed on The Wall for All and, for those of you who made pledges, we’ll review the pledge process.

Marcie Hirsch and the Belmont Library Foundation