Why Renovation Doesn’t Work

In 2016 the Town commissioned a feasibility study at the request of the Library Trustees.  The study concluded that it would be unwise use of resources to renovate the building, since required changes would be costly and reduce usable space, yet fail to provide appropriate space for both current and future uses.

The current building does not meet the needs of our community.  Some of these shortcomings include:

  • The Children’s Room is not large enough for our growing youth population and cannot be adapted to meet the programmatic needs for children’s activities.
  • Teen space is too confined and constricted, especially in light of the burgeoning number of middle and high school students.
  • Residents and organizations need more spaces for individual study, meetings, classes, events and programs.
  • As town residents become more dependent on libraries as media and computer centers, we do not have the space to house both equipment and work space.

The existing building requires major renovation just to continue in its current capacity:

  • Heating and air conditioning systems are insufficient.
  • Electrical systems are original and inadequate.
  • The building does not meet current codes; for examples, there is no sprinkler system.
  • Many entryways, stacks, and bathrooms are not accessible to all patrons.
  • Addressing structural and design deficiencies would result in significant loss of usable space.

The feasibility study as well as summaries of the feasibility meetings can be found here on the Belmont Public Library website.